Trappes-Lomax Notebook of Leases

Lancashire Archives DDLX 12/7

Handwritten notes made by Trappes-Lomax from leases made by both Hesketh and Nowell. These leases relate to both Upper and Lower Towns.

Hesketh 1/5/1728 Christopher Hindle John Hindle 6 Thomas Bannister 7 Thomas Feilden 64 27a £1 3s 4d £79.00 Sowp Formerly John Barlow
Higher Hey
Lower Hey
Great Eight Acre
Little Eight Acre
Eight Acre Meadow
Well Croft
Acres Meadow
Acres Hilly Dole
Hesketh 1740 Oliver Livesey John Livesey 35 John Livesey 9 Son of John Livesey James Livesey 3 Son of Oliver Livesey 9a 3r 10s £21.00 Duerdens Meadow Lease by Meredith and others, trustees of Hesketh on surrender of lease made 1 Jan 1719 to John Livesey of Pleasington for 3 lives of whom 2 survive.
Upper Oxhey
Lower Oxhey
Middle Oxhey
Hesketh 6/1/1748 William Hindle Anne Hindle 33 Wife Thomas Hindle 10 Son Robert Lawson 34 10p 4s £7 10s Cottage and yard
Hesketh 10/3/1752 Richard Slater Andrew Slater 5 Son Laurence Slater 1 Son Jane Slater 6 Daughter 1a 2s £18.00 Cottage, garden and 2 crofts Late Elizabeth Tomlinson. Term 99 years or life of children. Duplicate entry.
Hesketh 10/3/1752 John Smalley John Smalley 38 Lessee Ellen Ainsworth 28 Christopher Hindle 4 7a 4r 6s 6d £70.00 Orchard
Pigle or Field in 2 parts
Brows in 2 parts
Old Field
Hesketh 6/8/1752 James Hoyle James Hoyle 19 Son John Clarke 3 Grandson John Smalley 16 of Smalley Thorn 8a £1 14s £280.00 Little Bowla James of Tottleworth. ‘late of Will Mercer and now of Phoebe Mercer’.
Little Hey
High Field Spring
Briery Bank
Meadow below Briery Bank
Long Field
Cow Hey
Meadow and Wood in 2 parts
Hesketh 4/3/1752 Andrew Slater Andrew Slater 5 Son Lawrence Slater 1 Jane Slater 6 Daughter 1a 2s £18.00 Cottage, garden and 2 crofts Late Elizabeth Tomlinson. Term 99 years or life of children. Duplicate entry.
Hesketh 7/11/1753 Christopher Hindle Christopher Hindle 4 Son Mary Hindle 1.5 Daughter Richard Fitton 14 5 1/2 a 9s £17 17s Long Hey Surrender of lease of 13 Apr 1747 to Thoms Feilden of Middleton. Tenant William Aspin.
Middle Hey
Acre End
Park Meadow
Horsemans Dole
Half Acre Meadow
Little Hey
Nowell 13/9/1754 William Bentley Tailor William Bentley 16 Son James Bentley 13 Son Nicholas Bentley 8 Son 30a 2r 19p £31 17S £34 7s 6d Great Harwood Cockshutts messuage No. 1
Backside No. 1
Garden No. 1
Croft No. 1
Stoneygreave No. 1
Slaking Butts No. 1
Long Field No. 1
Little Meadow No. 1
Great Meadow No. 1
Isle of Man No. 1
Bank No. 1
Twenty Acre No. 1
New Field No. 1
Overhey No. 1
Burton Hough No. 1
Lane Hey No. 1
Middle Hey No. 1
Lower Hey No. 1
Cross Dole No. 1 Part of Fieldings tenement
Burton Hough No. 1
Ash Dole No. 1
Meadow No. 1
Lower Hey No. 1
Nowell 11/9/1754 Thomas Roberts Thomas Roberts 40 Lessee Alice Roberts 36 Now wife Christopher Roberts 11 Son 4a 26p £2 17s £3 1s Cellars Cottage No. 19
Nearer mill field No. 19
Further Mill Field No. 19
Little Nook No. 19
Nowell 18/7/1754 James Hindle James Hindle 18 Son John Hindle 16 Son Thomas Hindle 13 Son. 8p £1 2s £1 4s. Fieldings Lowmost Cottage No. 24
Nowell 12/9/1754 William Hodgson Plasterer William Hodgson 30 Lessee Anne Hodgson 30 Wife John Hodgson 3 Son 32p 18s 6d £1.00 Clarks Cottage No. 26
Backside No. 26
Garden and croft No. 26
Nowell 18/7/1754 Edward Hodgson Plasterer Edward Hodgson 32 Lessee Elizabeth Hodgson 29 Wife Robert Hodgson 4 Son 1r 16p £1 4s. £1 6s. Hodgsons cottages, garden and croft – 2 messuages No. 26
Nowell 13/9/1754 William Birtwistle William Birtwistle 25 Lessee Ellen Birtwistle 20 Wife James Birtwistle 1 Son 10a 7p. £7 10s. £8 8s. Windy Bank messuage No. 23
Fold and garden No. 23
Moor Height field No. 23
Clough height field No. 23
Meadow No. 23
Nearer hey No. 23
Lower hey No. 23
Nowell 15/2/1754 James West James West 50 Lessee William West 14 Son James West 13 Son 21a 28p. £19 8s 6d. £21.00 Park Tenement No. 28 James of Clayton le Moors. Park tenement in possession of Thomas Winsley.
Fold No. 28
Orchard No. 28
Great Field No. 28
Lane Meadow No. 28
Long Meadow No. 28
Shop Field No. 28
Hoyle No. 28
Hollins Field No. 28
Hollins Meadow No. 28
Nook No. 28
Wood Field No. 28
Nowell 24/10/1754 John Smith Tailor John Smith 42 Lessee John Smith 19 Son Thomas Smith 15 Son 20a 1r 7p. £18.00 5s. Harrisons messuage and barn No. 8 B.Y: Site of what became Walmesley Arms.
Orchard No. 8
Croft No. 8
Lidgeat No. 8
Scone croft No. 8
Calf croft No. 8
Lower Cunliffe Field No. 8
Higher Cunliffe Field No. 8
Cunliffe Croft No. 8
Cunliffe Meadow No. 8
Harrisons meadow No. 8
Little lower hey No. 8
Great lower hey and wood No. 8
Aldreds cottage formerly part of Fieldings No. 8
Nowell 15/11/1754 Robert Birtwistle Mary Birtwistle 16 Daughter John Birtwistle 9 Son of James Birtwistle Edward Waddington 18 Of Grindleton 3r 30p 10s 6d 12s New Ground in the Banks NW of close called Stancliffe and E of Mess called Cravens.
Nowell 18/7/1754 Robert Baron Weaver Robert Baron 48 Lessee Henry Baron 18 Son John Baron 15 Son 1r 30p £1 12s 6d £1 15s. Mantuas messuage, garden and croft No. 27
Nowell 20/7/1754 Pierce Woolstenham Pierce Woolstenham 30 Lessee Anne Woolstenham 32 Wife Henry Woolstenham 2 Son 7a 3r 4p £6 3s. £6 13s. Smallshaw Hey messuage
Long Croft
Little Higher Croft
Great Higher Croft
Over Hey
Smallshaw Hey meadow (part of Fieldings tenement) Acreage of this close 1a 34p.
Nowell 19/7/1754 Jane Giles Jane Giles 31 Lessee Jennet Giles 0 Daughter Margaret Giles 7 Daughter 7p. £1 6s. £1 8s. Fieldings messuage and backside of garden No. 21
Nowell 19/7/1754 Ezra Riley Ezra Riley 27 Lessee Evan Riley 14 Son of George Riley of Huncoat Anne Wilkinson 22 Daughter of William Wilkinson 15a 1r 23p. £12 13s 6d. £13 14s. Waddington’s tenement No. 47
Backside No. 47
Orchard No. 47
Garden No. 47
Barn meadow No. 47
Star Gate No. 47
Great Lower Hey No. 47
Little Lower Hey No. 47
Wood No. 47
Rood No. 47
Great Whaver Leatch No. 47
Little Whaver Leatch No. 47
Over Hey No. 47
Nowell 19/7/1754 George Duckworth George Duckworth 59 Lessee George Duckworth 28 Son Henry Duckworth 9 Son 16a 3r 5p £12 15s. £13 2s. Calverts messuage George Duckworth of Oswaldtwistle
Bean Flatt
Little Croft
Hag Plain
Thomas’ Hag
Hag Wood
Little Hey
Lower Over Gate
Higher Over Gate
Over Hey
Fielding Barn, north side and garden on east
Croft east end of Calverts Barn
Barons, part of: Small long corner of a croft at west end of a croft next to Calverts barn towards west and upon north end of Bean Flatt.
Nowell 19/7/1754 James Birtwistle Turner James Birtwistle 50 Lessee Robert Birtwistle 18 Son John Birtwistle 9 Son 19a 3r 11p. £12 8s. £13 8s. Pickups messuage No. 11
Orchard and garden, part of No. 11
Fold, moiety of No. 11
Croft No. 11
Little Bent No. 11
Great Bent No. 11
Higher Bent No. 11
Over Hey No. 11
Higher wind mill dole No. 11
Lower wind mill dole No. 11
Little Field No. 11
Long field No. 11
Pickup meadow No. 11
Little lower hey No. 11
Great Lower Hey No. 11
Nowell 13/2/1754 James Fielding James Fielding 32 Lessee John Fielding 4 Son Sam Fielding 10 Nephew 20a 1r 25p £14.00 £15 2s. Aldreds messuage on west end of Pickups No. 12 James Fielding of Clayton le Moors
Orchard No. 12
Fold, moiety of No. 12
Newfield No. 12
Newfield meadow No. 12
Townside No. 12
Over Hey No. 12
Stoney Butts No. 12
Town Field No. 12
Pickups meadow No. 12
Little lower hey No. 12
Great Lower hey No. 12
Lane No. 12
Wood No. 12
Ingham Croft above the Stopes No. 12
Nowell 12/9/1754 William Standing Butcher William Standing 29 Lessee Betty Standing 25 Wife Matthew Standing 3 Son 24p £1 2s. £1 5s. Pollards Cottage No. 9 Bought out of lease for £25 17 Oct 1782.
Fold No. 9
Garden and croft No. 9
Hesketh 7/5/1755 Richard Eddleston Richard Eddleston 28 James Eddleston 10 Thomas Bentley 50 22a £1 9s £95.00 Messuage and cottage Tottleworth.
Hipping Stone Wood
Little Stubbing
Great Stubbing
Hoome plaines – two
Lower Spring
Higher Spring
New Field
Great Hell Hey
Little Hell Hey
Great Meadow
Hesketh 29/9/1756 Thomas Mercer Thomas Mercer 37 Lessee Margery Mercer 1 Robert Boardman 9 12a 28p £1 3s 4d £50.00 Duckworths tenement Higher Fold Rent 16s 6d plus boons of 6s 6d
Bowley in 2 parts
Long Meadow
Great Croft
Little Croft
Little Meadow
Hole Meadow
Hesketh 12/5/1757 William Shuttleworth William Shuttleworth 56 Lessee Jennet Shuttleworth 56 Wife Susannah Shuttleworth 9 Daughter 1r 10p 19s 6d 6s Cottage William a yeoman. (Debatable!)
Hesketh 1/5/1758 Thomas Dewhurst William Mercer 54 Ellen Dewhurst 5 James Dewhurst 2 6a 1r 4p 9s £23 10s Smith Coats Cottage Note: ‘in possession of Nathaniel Haydock Heirs’.
Well Meadow
Rough Field
Lime Field
House Meadow
Hesketh 1/5/1758 William Morris Thomas Morris 23 Son Joseph Morris 11 Son Ellen Morris 22 Daughter 1r 30p £1 10s 5s Cliffe: 2 Cottages top of cliffe Cons and rent as entered.
Hesketh 18/7/1759 Christopher Hindle Christopher Hindle 6 Son Mary Hindle 1.5 Daughter Edward Wall 75 29a £1 11s 6d £95.00 Shirtleys (two) Christopher a tanner. Surrender of lease of 1 May 1734 to William Wall
House Croft
Rough Field
Barn Field
Jenny Meadow
Middle Field
Lodge Bottom
Higher Bottoms
Lower Bottoms
Great Meadow
Little Meadow
Little Field
Hesketh 1/11/1760 William Aspden Nathaniel Aspden 6 mo Son Thomas Bradshaw 8 Edmund Dugdale 4 14p 12s 10d 5s Slaters cottage: Near quiet Slaters cottage Cottage and garden in the Banks. William Aspden ‘clerk’.
Nowell 24/10/1760 James Ashworth James Ashworth 50 Lessee James Ashworth 11 Son Sarah Ashworth 4 Daughter 22a 8p £16 16s. 5s. Roger Hey messuage No. 30 James of Weathead ? In Rossendale. Thomas Lund occupier.
Fold and garden No. 30
Orchard No. 30
Meadow No. 30
Barnfield No. 30
Calf Croft No. 30
Meadow behind lane No. 30
Long Meadow No. 30
Middle Field No. 30
Little Wood No. 30
Higher Side No. 30
Higher plain No. 30
Lower plain No. 30
New ground No. 30
Wood No. 30
Hesketh 20/4/1763 Robert Calvert Ellen Procter 22 wife of James Procter Richard Procter 1 John Calvert 12 5a 24 20p £1 6s £13.00 Moor Hey Lately allotted out of the moor
Hesketh 20/4/1763 Thomas Dewhurst Betty Dewhurst 13 Anne Dewhurst 4 Henry Dewhurst 3 7a 14p £1 15s £21 14s Barret Hill Lately allotted from the Common 33 on map
Bolton Close
Hesketh 20/4/1763 John Dearden Susana Ellen Procter Wife of Henry Procter John Hilton 28 8a 2r 33p £1 11s £19 4s Lane Field
Little Field Part of common 43 on map.
Two new fields
Hesketh 20/4/1763 Thomas Kenyon James Kenyon 10 Christopher West 9 Thomas West 9 5a 3r 4p £1 17s £21.00 Clough Surrender of lease of 13 Apr 1747 to Thoms Feilden of Middleton. Tenant William Aspin.
Sheep Hey Green
Clough Top
Lower Field
Higher Field
Sheep Hey Whins
Croft or garden
Hesketh 20/4/1763 Mary Haydock Phineas Haydock 56 Nathaniel Haydock 9 Ellen Haydock 12 6a 38p 9s 42s Garden
Great Meadow
Little Meadow
Lane Field
Rough Field (in two parts)
Bowley End
Hesketh 20/4/1763 Leonard Leigh John Leigh 8 Son Ellen Leigh 17 Daughter Betty Leigh 16 Daughter 28a 1r 35p £4.00 £61.00 Shearcliffe From common. 46 and 35 on map.
Great Wall Field
Little Wall Field
Higher Field
Hesketh 20/4/1763 John Smalley John Smalley 27 Lessee Ellen Smalley 6 mo Daughter James Wolstenholme 9 13a 3r £3.00 £31 5s Old Field
Little Field
Long Lands
Middle Hill
Stuart Meadow
Little Hill
Hesketh 20/4/1763 John Smalley John Smalley 33 Lessee James Clegg 5 John Foster 3 19a £2 13s £27 15s Copy Lands John Smalley of Billington’. Land in possession of Christopher Hindle. Lately from common, 32 on map.
Little Bradley
Bowley Rough.
Hesketh 20/4/1763 John Sudell Robert Sudell 12 Son Thomas Sudell 8 Son William Sudell 10a 2r 25p £2 15s £27 6s Deep Clough 2 Feb 1827 RG Lomax ? Residue and lese £18
Sudell Green
Hesketh 20/4/1763 Richard Eddleston Richard Eddleston 35 Lessee Ann Eddleston 46 Wife John Eddleston 2 Son 1a 21p 18s £3 10s Mercers Cottage: Cottage and garden called Mercer’s cottage NO 39 on map of moor
Hesketh 20/4/1763 Thomas Mercer Ellen Mercer 8 Daughter Alexander Mercer 4 Son William Mercer 2 Son 30a 2r 17p £2 4s £63.00 Tan House Thomas Mercer ‘tanner’.
Gold Acres
Higher Gold Acres
Wallock Meadow
Long Field
New Ox Heys
Two Corn Heys
Lower Earth
Higher Brokenup
Lower Brokenup
Garden and Waste
Gold Acre Top This part of former common
Hesketh 20/4/1763 John Hindle John Hindle 23 Lessee Margaret Hindle 23 Wife Robert Hindle 3 Son 8a 1r 30p 16s 6d £70.00 Long Field
Roan Hey
Ox Hey
Nicas Meadown
Calf Hey
Nowell 2/5/1763 John Calvert John Calvert 49 Matthew Standen 12 Jonathan Calvert 8 6a 3r 13p £1 15s £17 1s Long Stile Harwood Moor. No 9 on plan. 13 in 1770.
Round Field
Nowell 2/5/1763 Thomas Houghton Thomas Houghton 38 Lessee Amy Hougton 18 Daughter to Robt. Houghton James Houghton 16 Son of Rog. Hougton 12a 3r 18p £6 16s. £57 2s. Harwood Moor Blacklaw Harwood Moor. No 1 on plan.
Far Field Harwood Moor. No 4 on plan.
Hen Moss Harwood Moor. No 21? On map.
Nowell 2/5/1763 Robert Birtwistle Mary Birtwistle 24 Daughter John Mercer 22 Ralph Tomlinson 16 £1 8s. £18 2s. Corner Close No. 22 possibly. Leigh pit 38 on enc. Map. Horsebowers?
Meadow No. 22 possibly.
Leigh Pit No. 22 possibly.
Nowell 2/5/1763 Pierce Woolstenholme Weaver James Woolstenholme 9 John Woolstenholme 7 William Woolstenholme 3 9a 3r 19p £3 3s 8d. £33 6s 10d. Smallshaw Hey Close, part of enclosure. No. 1 9a 2r 9p
Croft No. 47 Enclosure from moor adjoining on south Norden Brook. 1r 10p.
Nowell 2/5/1763 John Smith Tailor John Smith 21 Son Isabel Smith 14 Daughter Betty Smith 11 Daughter 10a 3r 13p £3 14s 4d. £38 2d. Smallshaw Hey close, part of. No. 1 6a 2p Sold to Cottam by Smith for £168 21 Jane 1770.
Long Edge No. 1 4a 3r 16p. Sold to Cottam by Smith for £168 21 Jane 1770.
Hesketh 1/5/1764 Edward Pickles Edward Pickles 39 Lessee Robert Pickles 7 Son Anne Pickles 3 Daughter 6a 3r 8p £1 10s £31 10s Oxhey
Moor Hey
Calf Hey
Church End
Nowell 14/5/1764 Robert Swaine Robert Swaine Son John Swaine Son Thomas Swaine Son 2a 23p 16s 6d £8.00 Edge Bottom Part of the moor.
Hesketh 1/4/1766 Francis Eddleston Francis Eddleston 27 Lessee John Eddleston 5 Son of Richard Eddleston Richard Procter 3 son of James Proctor 1a 27p 4s £20.00 Cottage and croft Former lease to James Horrobin of Whalley
Hesketh 1/5/1767 James Foster Jane Foster 48 Wife John Foster 6 Son Betty Foster 4 Daughter 16p 4s £10 10s Cottage and garden called Thomas Foster Cottage’
Hesketh 22/11/1768 Leonard Lee Leonard Lee 65 Lessee John Lee 14 Son Mary Lee 16 Daughter 8a 35p 15s £70.00 White Car Tenement
Barley Croft
White Carr Nook
Hesketh 1/5/1770 Mary Clayton Edward Mercer 58 James Clayton 31 Thomas Clayton 10 3 1/2 a 8s £50.00 Cottage
Giles Crofts in 3 parts
Barn Croft
Hesketh 1/3/1771 Richard Edleston Richard Edleston 43 Lessee John Edleston 10 Son Richard Procter 8 son of James Proctor 1a 32p 1s £17 17s Cottage and garden
Bank Field
Hesketh 21/11/1772 John Smalley John Smalley 36 Lessee John Smalley 3 Twin son James Smalley 3 Twin son 5a 38p 8s £50.00 Smalley Thorn Messuage and lands
Spooner Hill
Carr Meadow
Hesketh 21/11/1772 Robert Cross Robert Cross 38 Lessee John Leigh 19 William Mercer 12 14a 3r 7p £4 16s £25.00 New Messuage Surrender of leased 20 Apr 1763 to Thomas Hindle
Lower Field
North Edge
Hesketh 10/9/1774 Thomas Hindle Thomas Hindle 35 Lessee Thomas Hindle 58 Uncle John Smalley 5 6a 2r 37p 11s 4d £31 10s Ryleys Tenement
Hesketh 10/9/1774 James Foster Betty Foster 17 John Foster 14 James Foster 6 12p 1s £5 5s Fosters Cottage and garden
Hesketh 28/5/1774 Francis Eddleston Francis Eddleston 35 Lessee John Eddleston 11 Son of Richard Eddleston Richard Procter 10 son of James Proctor 19a 29p £4 10s 5s Horse bowers 2 closes Formerly part of the moor
Hesketh 8/7/1775 Thomas Hindle Thomas Hindle 58 Grace Fielding 72 Thomas Hindle 21 9a 19s £38.00 Long Hey Cancellation of lease dated 7 Nov 1753
Round Hey
Church Field
Hey Gate 3 small pieces enclosed from common
Two small gardens Cancellation of lease dated 7 Nov 1753
Hesketh 10/5/1777 John Livesey John Livesey 46 Lessee Lydia Livesey 0 Daughter Richard Livesey 2 son 91/2a 27p £2 14s Nearer New Field Lands part of Harwood Moor. Richard age 46 or 40.
Further New Field
Henmoss Side
Hesketh 10/5/1777 Thomas Fielden Thomas Fielden 33 Lessee John Fielden 31 James Feilden 7 Son 13a 1r 21p £1 8s £40.00 Garden
Lower Orchard
Higher Orchard
Parrock Meadow
Leeming Hill
High Field
Mare Hey
Wood or Scars
Hesketh 10/5/1777 John Wiggan Ellen Wiggan 57 wife John Peacop 10 Edmund Mercer 9 25a 3r 15p £1 17s £300.00 Croft
Lime Field
Lower Meadow
Long Meadow
Hagg Syke Field
Knowle Field
Clay Acre
Orchard Field
Moor Hey
Hesketh 19/7/1777 Thomas Hindle Thomas Hindle 38 Lessee Thomas Hindle 58 Uncle John Smalley 8 1r 14s 5s Cottage and waste land Dobsons Cottage
Hesketh 10/5/1777 James Bertwistle James Bertwistle 32 Lessee William Bertwistle 11 Son Thomas Moorhouse 21 10a 1r 29p £2 13s £21 10s Garden Common is dispute added to the lease under yearly rent of £4 8s 6d. Common is dispute area 1s 3r 9p.
Middle Field
Little Snodworth
Common in dispute
Hesketh 8/9/1778 James Procter William Procter 38 Son Richard Procter 36 Son James Procter 9 Son of Richard 5a 2r 12s 10d £25.00 Lime Kiln Hill
Wood Meadow
Further Field
Nearer Field
Hesketh 29/5/1778 John Mercer Mary Mercer 40 Wife Edward Mercer 4 Son Thomas Mercer 2 Son 2r 33p £1 15s £2 2s Cottage, two crofts, gardens and lane Surrender of lease 29 Sep 1756 to Robert Birtwistle
Hesketh 28/11/1778 James Lomax Richard Eddleston 57 James Eddleston 48 Richard Grimshaw Lomax 15 27a 2r 16p £1 19s £90.00 Messuage and cottage Tottleworth. Surrender of lease 7 May 1755 to R Eddleston of Clitheroe.
Great Hell Hey
Little Hell Hey
Parrock Meadow
New Field
Higher Spring
Lower Spring
Great Hen Plain
Little Hen Plain
Great Stubbin
Little Stubbin
Hipp Stone
Hesketh 25/3/1779 James Critchley Grace Baron 42 Wife of Henry Baron Thomas Baron 2 Son of Henry Baron Ralph Critchley 18 Son 10p 17s £6 6s Mercers Cottage: Cottage and garden called Mercer’s cottage Surrender of lease of 1 Nov 1760 to Henry Baron.
Hesketh 3/2/1781 John Fielden John Fielden 33 James Fielden 30 John Fielden 6 Son of John 10a 2r 14p £1 7s £24.00 Garden Land in the Banks. Cons. surrender of lease of 1 Mar 1770 to James Fielden for 3 lives and £24.
Kiln Field
Great Broom Bank
Little Broom Bank
Great Hell Hole
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