This lease is interesting in that it shows that Thomas Hesketh is going to some trouble to move the widow Jennet Duckworth from where her houses stood and to rebuild them in another area, the Leashes.

The manor house of the Heskeths was at Martholme, but the house and demesne lands were at times leased out with the Heskeths family residing at their manor of Rufford. They leased Martholme in 1519 to a Christopher Duckworth, and it is interesting to speculate whether the Thomas, deceased husband to Jennet in the lease for Leashes may have been a relative of that Christopher.

The manor house of Martholme formerly had a great hall of ancient origin, long gone without trace, with the remaining buildings built in the 15th and 16th century – the gatehouse was built in 1561. It may be that the Heskeths, wishing to live at Martholme, after the death of Thomas Duckworth in 1564 came to an agreement with his widow to relocate her elsewhere. None of this is certain, perhaps one of the houses being moved for Jennet was the old hall at Martholme?

Burton Holme (the land immediately to the north east of Hyndburn Bridge) was part of Leashes and the inventory of Christopher Duckworth in 1603 lists Burton Holme. Speculation once more, but perhaps this could be where Jenet’s ‘houses’ were recolated to.

Thys Indenture made the xxviii th Day of August in the Seventh year of the Reign of our ladye Elizabeth by the grace of god quene of England France and Irland Defender of the faith & Betwene Sir Thomas Hesketh of Rufford in the Countie of lancaster Knyght opon thone parteAnd jenet Duckworth widow late wif of Thomas  Duckworth late of moche Harwode deceased opon thother parte Witnesseth that the said Sir Thomas Hesketh Knyght (for) [damaged here] dyvise for good consideracions hym movyng hath sett demysed granted and to farme lettyn and by these present[s] [damaged] demysith grantith and to farme lettith unto the said Jenet and her assignes all those his closes and parcell  of lande [damaged]  called the leshays lying and beyng in the township of moche harwode aforsaid now or late in the holdying [damaged] of John Mercar with all Sufficient wayes to and from the Comon the Cole pittes and the mylne for all her neacss___ (necessary) [damaged] co-ns (?) And in likwise to have one cowgate or pasture for a Cow to goo and Depasture at all tymes with the mylke [damaged] of the said Sir Thomas within the Demayne of mertholme with lawfull passage to use and mylke the same Cow To have and to hold the said closes and parcelle of lande called the leshays and the said Cowgate at all tymes of the yeare within the Demayne of mertholme with free egresse and regresse as is before specified moity the appurtenances to the said leshays and other the premises appurteynyng to the said jenet and her assynes to her most advantage from the feast of the purificacion of our ladye next Comying for and Duryng the terme of the naturall lyf of the said Jenet yelding and paying yearly as well for the said Leshays as also for the said cowgate and other the premises with the appurtenance unto the said Sir Thomas Hesketh Knyght his heires and assynes Aleven Shyllynge of currant money of england at the feaste of penticost and Sent m’tyne in Wynt by evyn porcions with all bones and suites as  other tenants of the said Sir Thomas within the said Towne doe and oght to do for such like porcion and also the said Thomas Comitith and grantith that he shall cause the fyrhowse wherein she now dwellith at his costes to be sheifted from the place wher it now stondith unto and opon the grounde before specified called leshays and ther to be buylded and sett up in such place opon the same as she shall name and appoynt and to be Covered with Sclate and to be  made and fynysshed in all other proporcions as good as it befor was at his said coste and in likewise that he shall cause one other howse of two pair of crockes  and one Ende Slyng to be buylded and sett up opon the said leshays at his said costes in such place as shall be named and apoynted by the said Jenet and she to Dwell in the berne ther untill such tyme as the said two howses be buylded maide redye and fynysshed opon the said leshays in forme aforsaid and fynally the said Sir Thomas and his heires the said closes and parcells of Lande called lesh (ays) [damaged] and the said Cowgate and other the premises with the appurtenences to the said Jenet and her assignes duryng her [damaged] naturall life in manner and forme aforsaid Agayn (damaged) all Folkes shall and will awarrant [damaged] and morover the said Sir Thomas Hesketh Knyght haith constituted and made John Wadyngton [damaged] attorney for hym and in his name to Delyvr peacible possession unto the said Jenet [damaged] said parcell of grounde called leshays accordyng to the forme and effect before mencioned In W[itness] wher of bothe the said parties to the parties of those present indentures int’changeably have putte ther sealls the day and yer above mencioned.

Original record from Lancashire Archive DDHE 18-21.