Fair Book 1782 – 83
An Acct. of Money paid Towards the Relief of the poor in the Lower Township of Gt. Harwood from 5 May 1782 to May 1st 1783
Sunday May 5
To Mary Leemin £0 4s 0d
Mary Broughton £0 3s 0d
Nancy Ramsbotham £0 6s 0d
17 To Daniel Calvert for 34 weeks payd at 1/6 per week £2 11s 0d
To Cloths £0 5s 6d
Widow Wensley £0 4s 0d
Mary Smith £0 12s 0d
Disburst in this Month £4 5s 6d
Sunday June 2d
9 To Charles Haworth for Thos. Hindle Child Board 2s — week £0 10s 0d
To Thos. Ogden or Nicholas Dawson Acct. for Amt. for Doctoring to Crompton in field £6 10s -d
16 To Thos. Hindle Child Charge £0 1s 0d
17 Betty Duckworth Filiation Order £0 5s 0d
the poor Books Signing £0 2s 0d
22 To Mary Smith £0 12s 0d
To a Copy of the Register of the Marriages of Geo. Roberts £0 1s 0d
Going to Preston to Enter a Retainer against Altham and expenses £0 5s 0d
Disburst in this Month £7 16s 0d
July 2nd
To Going to Rosendle work house to settle about the Rent £2 10s 0d
Patiants 2l 12 Expenses 3s £2 15s 0d
7 To Mary Jyles at Pickup —- £0 9s 0d
11 Going to Walton to Enquire about Jon. Mercer Settlement £0 3s 0d
Jeremiah Spencer wife £0 2s 6d
22 To Ann Grimshaw Towards Burying her Child £0 2s 6d
Disburst £6 2s 0d
August 1
Paid Burying dues for Ann Grimshaw Child £0 2s 10d
To a Letter Leaving from Warrington about Robt. Hogon £0 0s 0 3/4d
4 To Charles Haworth for Thos. Hindle Board £0 16s 0d
8 To Mr. Grimshaw for a retainer the Last Sessions £0 5s 0d
To Do. For the Next Sessions against Oswaldtwistle £0 5s 0d
21 To Mary Brandwood £0 5s 0d
27 To Binding Robert Baron son as an Apprentice to Edwd. Pickels £1 16s 6d
Disburst this Month £3 11s 7 1/2d
Sept. 1
To Hogen Widow in Warrington £0 4s 0d
8 To Charles Haworth for Thos. Hindle Board at 2s per week £0 10s 0d
25 To Mary Brandwood for 18 weeks at 3 per from 30 of march to 3 of Augt. £2 14s 0d
28 To Expenses and Horse hire Going to Warrington to Settle about Hogen Widow and to Bould- to Enquire about Ann Fielden Husband settlement £0 15s 0d
To Betty Shuttleworth £0 0s 6d
Disburst in the Mth. £4 3s 6d
Octbr. 3rd
To Thos. Hindle Child one pair of clogs £0 1s 2d
10 To Grimshaw for a Retainer against Oswaldtwistle £0 5s 0d
11 To Mary Roberts £0 6s 0d
To Letter leaseing (?) from Warrington £0 0s 4 1/2d
14 To Going to Dutton Lee to Wm. Roberts twice to Exam.- and Oswaldtwisele about E–den— £0 5s 0d
19 To Going to Preston for Advice to Grimshaw about Roberts settlement expences £0 5s 0d
22 To Petty Bentley £0 2s 0d
Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
24 To Indenture Signing to Edwd. Pickles £0 2s 0d
To cloth for Breeches and Singlet Edwd. Grimshaw and thred £0 4s 18d
27 To Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
To Charles Haworth for Thos. Hindle board for 7 weeks at 2s 6d per week £0 14s 0d
28 To Peggy Bentley £0 1s 9d
To Thos. Hindle Child pair of clogs 1s 3d one pari of stockings 7 1/2p £0 1s 10 1/2d
Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
Peggy Bentley £0 2s 0d
Disburst this Month £3 2s 10d
Novr. 9th
To Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
10 Jon. Green £0 2s 6d
To Ann Grimshaw £0 1s 0d
15 To Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
22 To Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
24 To Peter Fielden £0 5s 0d
To Thos. Mercer for Doctors 5d Peggy Bentley 7d £0 1s 0d
30 Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
Disburst this Month £1 5s 6d
Decr. 1st
To Malah Critchley £0 4s -d
To Mary Jyles 3 yds of Linn Cloth for one smock 3s 2 1/2 yds of Cotton for a Bedgown 3s 9 £0 6s 9d
8 To Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
13 To 3 yds of Linn Cloth for Smocks for Thos. Hindle and making £0 3s 7d
A Letter Leaveing from Manchester £0 0s 3 1/2d
14 Going to Ribchester about Wm. Roberts and to Oswaldtwistle about the Evidence and to Preston to be Examinded and Expences £0 17s 0d
20 To Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
22 To Charles Howorth for Thos. Hindl Child Board at 2 — £0 16s 0d
24 To Jas. Morehouse 6 yds of Lin Cloth for smocks £0 6s 0d
28 To Going to Blackburn to Make Bonds with Oswaldtwistle about Geor. Roberts Family and Bond stamp £0 5s 1 1/2d
Writing the Bond and Expences £0 9s 6d
29 Going to Bury to Examin Jon. Frost and Expences £0 5s 0d
To Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
To Thos. Hindle Child one pair of clogs £0 1s 2 1/2d
To Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
30 To Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
Disburst this Month £4 14s 5 1/2d
Jany. 10th
To Mary Roberts £0 4s 0d
18 To Jon. Green £0 5s 0d
To Hindle Thos. —- £0 7s 1 1/2d
To Thos. Hindle Child 1 1/4 Blue Cotton for a bedgown an Making £0 1s 8d
To Removing Jon. Wiggon and Expences to Darwen £1 4s 0d
To Me own wages for four days at 2/6 per £0 10s 0d
Paid at Preston about agreeing with the oeverseers £0 5s 6d
26 To Charles Haworth for Hindle Child £0 10s 0d
Disburst in this month £3 7s 3 1/2d
Feby. 2
To Susan Ashworth 7 yds of Linn Cloth for Smocks £0 7s 0d
To Jon. Mercer Banks £0 3s 5d
To Wm. Duckworth £0 5s 8d
8 To the Order conforming concerning Jon. Wiggen £0 7s 0d
Retaining Grimshaw for the above £0 5s 0d
11 To Robert Westall Going to Preston to be Examind about Geo. Roberts settlement £0 15s 0d
17 To Expences settleing about Jas. Leach Child £0 1s 6d
26 To Thos. Whalley for weaving Betty Shuttleworth Bedgown £0 3s 9d
Disburst in this Month £0 18s 4d
March 30
To Charles Haworth for Hindl Child Board £0 18s 0d
To Jonathan Calvert for Attending to Jon. Wiggon £0 1s 2d
A Note publishing £0 0s 2d
To Rich. Smith on Acct. of —- in Clayton £0 1s 4d
Disburst in this month £0 1s 8d
April 12
To the Overseer of Prescot for Relieving of Widow Jyles and her children £3 7s 0d
22 To Going to Oswaldtwistle and expences at Engen to agree £0 3s 0d
To Going to Preston to advise with Grimshaw and Expences £0 5s 0d
To Going to Manchester and Bolton to Examm Thos. Roberts and Mary Vickers £0 6s 0d
28 To Jas. Baron Robert Mercer and Me self for them to be Examd. And expences £0 5s 6d
29 To Going to Church Kirk to get two certificates of Geor. Roberts Marriage and Expences £0 3s 0d
To Wages for three Wittness going to Preston to be Exammd. £0 3s 0d
To wages at Preston for two days at 2/6 per for three E-rden–s £0 15s 0d
To Expences at Preston £3 14s 0d
To Mr. Grimshaw for Court Fees. £4 12s 8d
To Charles Haworth for Hindle Childs Board £0 8s 0d
To Widow Jyles at Prescot 13 yds of Linn Cloth for smocks at 13s 8d
3 1/4 yds of Blew Cotton for Bedgowns @ 14d 4s 1d
1 Pair of stockings 1s
3 1/2 yds of Blew Cotton for a Bedgown for herself 4s 6d £1 3s 3d
To Nath. Aspen for Betty Shuttleworth Bed £ 6s 4.5d
Jas. Ramsbotham Dr. to the town Paid to Ann Grimshaw for her Child £2 14s 0d
Disburst this month £18 5s 9 1/2d
Rents Paid in the Year 1782
May 17 Daniel Calvert rent £1 15s 0d
June 1 Old Jonathan Wife rent £1 6s 0d
4 Richd. Whiteacre rent £1 10s 0d
17 Jas. Rishton rent £1 10s 0d
29 Jas. Morris rent £1 10s 0d
Augt. 9 Widow Leemin rent £1 5s 0d
Sept. 25 Mary Brandwood rent £1 14s 0d
Peter Whalley £1 5s 0d
£11 15s 0d
Town Overseer to Mr Richd. Platt Overseer of Warrington one Pound one Shilling to commence sixpence a week weekley while such times as the Township of Gt. Harwood think it Nessesary to begin in the 12 of Novr. 1782 on acct. of Widow Hogen.
To Cash in hand on the Last years Acct. £0 14s 6d
Recd. of Wm. Birtwistle of Highway Acct. £0 15s 0d
Recd. of Jas. Walmsley on Acct. of the Highways £0 15s 0d
Recd. of Thos. Hindle on Acct. of his Child £2 12s 0d
[Next two items scored through]
To Mary Roberts £0 0s 6d
To Paper £0 0s 6d
To 21 Leys at £2 15s 0 1/2p £57 15s 10 1/2d
£62 10s 4 1/2d
To Disburst 1s for a mistake above £0 1s 0d
£62 9s 4 1/2d
Due to Ballance £3 6s 4d
£65 15s 8d
Brought over £71 16s 6d
£65 15s 8d
Town Overseer £6 8s 10d
May 23rd Seen and Allowed by us [No names listed]
Paid on the Towns Acct. £71 0s 8d
Bord from Oswaldtwistle £3 0s 8d
£68 3s 14d
Collected from the Town £62 9s 4d
£5 14s 0d
Balance due from Jas. Mercer £4 9s 1d
Town —- £1 4s 11d