John Brigg [indecipherable]  
  The Accts. of John Mercer Overseer of the poor from May 1784 up until May 1785.  
  Town Overseer to John Mercer Last yeare £3 11s 7 1/2d
  Sunday May 2d 1784  
  To Ann Holcare this Month £0 12s 0d
  To Hester Whalley Colnn do. £0 4s 0d
  To Widow Leeming do. £0 4s 0d
  To Peggy Bentley do. £0 2s 0d
  To Wid. Whenslae DO. £0 4s 0d
  To Betty Ashworth do. £0 2s 0d
  To Old Robert Baron do. £0 8s 0d
  To Ann Rambotham do. £0 4s 0d
23 To Widow Whenslae house rent £1 5s 0d
25 To James Rishton badly £0 5s 0d
  Journey to Carr Hall with Sall Bookins to answer a summons £0 1s 6d
30 To Sall Bookings husband Lame first relief £0 6s 0d
  To Peter Whalley 7 yds Linn Cloth for smoke at 10d per yd is 5s 10d to thread and making 16d £0 7s 2d
  Note publishing to a meeting £0 0s 2d
  Disburst this month £4 4s 10d
  Sunday June 6th 1784  
  To Widow Leeming this month £0 4s 0d
  To Peggy Bentley this month sick £0 4s 0d
  Ann Holcare do. £0 12s 0d
  To Old Robert Baron do. £0 8s 0d
  To Wm. Dawson 2 mos. At 3s per wk. £1 4s 0d
  To Wid. Whenslae do. £0 3s 0d
  To Betty Ashworth do. £0 2s 0d
  To Sall Booking lame £0 4s 0d
7 To Wid. Whenslae 3 baskets coals at 4d per £0 1s 0d
  To fliting Peggy Bently from Green Cliff to Lower Town £0 0s 6d
  To Postage of Letter from Rosendale £0 0s 2 1/2d
9 To horse hire and expences to Do. £0 3s 6d
  To Work House rent £2 10s 0d
  To Governess of work house for waiting on Dawson when Lame £0 2s 0d
  To Pegg Bently Lame £0 1s 0d
  To Ann Ramsbottom Bastard child Mo. £0 4s 0d
16 To Henry Green sick family £0 4s 0d
  To Sall Bockings husband Lame £0 4s 0d
19 To Horse hire and expences to P—- £0 3s 6d
  To Wid. Smith Children badly £0 5s 0d
  To Mrs. Watson for Wid. Smith House rent £2 0s 0d
25 Wid. Shuttleworth House rent £0 17s 6d
  Sall Bookings husband £0 5s 0d
  To Expences at a private session and Door tenter £0 1s 6d
  To assessment signing and publishing £0 2s 6d
27 To Mr. Butler for two Wid. Smith family 7s at 3s per £1 1s 0d
  Disbursed this Mo. £11 7s 2 1/2d
  Sunday July 4th 1784  
  To Ann Ramsbottom Bastard child this Mo. £0 4s -d
  To Peter Whally Colnn £0 4s -d
  To Peggy Bently £0 3s -d
  To Old Robert Baron £0 8s -d
  To Ann Holcare £0 12s -d
  To Wid. Whensloe £0 3s -d
  To Betty Ashworth £0 0s -d
  To Mary Giles Pickup Bank 3 mo. At 6s £0 18s 0d
  To 6 yds. Pinnfore smocks at 10d per £0 5s -d
  To Sall Bockings husband £0 4s 0d
  To Wid. Leeming this month £0 4s 0d
  To Wm. Dawson this Month £0 12s 0d
15 To Old Wid. Smith House rent £1 1s 0d
16 To James Forest Lame £0 4s 6d
20 To John Green from Haslington £0 5s 0d
28 To James Forest Mrs. Shuttleworth and Clayton order fulfild. £0 4s 6d
  Disbursted this Mo. £5 14s 6d
  Sunday Augst 1st 1784  
  To Ann Ramsbottom Bastard £0 5s 0d
  To Wid. Leeming this Month £0 4s 0d
  Peggy Bently Do. £0 2s 0d
  Ann Holcar do. £0 12s 0d
  Old Robert Baron Do. £0 8s 0d
  Wid. Whensloe Do. £0 3s 0d
  Betty Ashworth Do. £0 2s 0d
  To Peter Whally Do. £0 4s 0d
  Poastage of a Letter from Man. £0 0s 3d
9 To James Ashworth House rent £1 10s 0d
  To Wm. Dawson this Mo. £0 12s 0d
18 To James Ashworth Badly £0 2s 6d
  To John Green House rent £1 11s 6d
30 To James Ishworth Badly £0 3s 0d
    £5 19s 3 1/2d
  [The condition of the document deteriorates from this month.]  
  Sunday September 5 1784  
  To Ann Ramsbottom Bastard child this Mo. £0 -s -d
  To Wid. Leeming Do. £0 -s -d
  To Peggy Bently Do. £0 -s -d
  Betty Ashworth Do. £0 -s -d
  Widow Whensloe Do. £0 -s -d
  Old Robt. Baron Do. £0 8s -d
  Ann Holcar do. £0 12s -d
  James Ashworth badly £0 2s -d
  Wm. Dawson this month £0 12s -d
18 To Expences and Door tenter at a private session £0 -s -d
  Journey to Carr Hall with James Forrest to Answer a summons concerning Dr. Wilkinson Bill £0 1s -d
  To Peter Whally Colnn this Month £0 4s -d
24 Towards Richd. Whitackere House Rent £1 1s -d
  Journey to Rossendale workhouse with Peggy Bently £0 3s -d
26 To Peter Whalley Colnn House rent £1 5s -d
28 To John Mercer Banks House rent £2 2s -d
  Disbursed this Mo. £7 7s -d
  Sunday November 7th 1784  
  To Ann Ramsbottom this Month £0 5s 0d
  Wm. Dawson Do. £0 12s 0d
  Wid. Whensly Do. £0 3s 0d
  Betty Ashworth Do. £0 2s 0d
  Robt. Baron Do. £0 8s 0d
  Wid. Leeming Do. £0 4s 0d
  Part of Dr. Wilkinson Bill for James Forest as per order of Mr. Clayton £2 6s 0d
  To the above Dr. for part of his Bill for old Miller son Badly in a feaver 13w and Wife brought in Bed of two Children £2 0s 0d
19th John Green wife from haslington husband and Children sick  
24th Journey to Blackburn to see James Green and with both sick £- 5s 8d
  [Illegible] child boath sick £0 -s -d
  Disbursed this Mo. £7 7s 6d
  Sunday December 5 1784  
  To Widow Leeming this Month £0 -s -d
  Ann Ramsbottom Do. £0 -s -d
  Wm Dawson Do. £0 1s -d
  Widow Whensly Do. £- -s -d
  Betty Ashworth Do. £0 -s -d
  Robert Baron Do. £0 -s -d
  Widow Shuttleworth 6w at 2s 6d per £0 15s -d
6th Journey to Altham and Accrington concerning Gibson Settlement Expences and my wage 1s £0 1s -d
10 John Green from haslington lame £0 5s -d
15 Journey to Blackburn in order to take Henry Fort examination before Mr. Cover on Acct. of Gibsons Settlement Expences 1s 6d my wasge 1s. £0 2s -d
  Ann ramsbotton and Child yet sick £- 4s -d
  [Page torn – continues with:]  
  of 900 L and upward. The Justices of the peace at there Quarter Sessions holden at Manchester Granted him a permisition to go from Town to Town. John Mercer at Squires witness by  
20 Journey to Blackburn to Inspect the duplicate –Acct. of Gibson [illegible]expences 6d my Wage 1s £- -s -d
  John Mercer Banks Wife Badly £- -s -d
  Journey to Carr Hall thinking to get [illegible] order of removeal [illegible] £- -s -d
  Journey to Padiham to see Jenny Shuttleworth either to take her away or give more releife £0 1s 0d
  To Henry Whitacre 26 w at 2s 6d per and other things as per Bill £5 11s 8d
  Disbursed this Mo. £7 5s 8d
  Sunday January 2d 1785  
  To Jenny Shuttleworth this Mo. £0 1s -d
  Robert Baron Do. £0 8s -d
  Widow Leming Do. £0 4s -d
  Do. Whensly Do. £0 3s -d
  Betty Ashworth Do. £0 2s -d
  [Next three lines torn]  
  Lame and towards his house rent £0 15s -d
  Ann Ramsbotton this Mo. £0 5s -d
4 Toward burial of John Mercer wife £0 10s -d
5 Betty Ashworth taken badly £0 2s 0d
  Mr Moom for takeing John Gibson and Henry Fort examination at a private sessions held at Blackburn £3 -s -d
  To an order of removal fore Do. £0 4s -d
  Expences at the above sessions [torn] my wages 1s £0 2s -d
6 To Expences at removing the above Family to Altham and going to Huncoat 5d my wage 1s £0 1s 5d
  taken forward £4 17s 5d
  [next page entirely missing]  
  Sunday March 6th  
  [fragment of a page]  
  To Widow —–  
  Ann Ramsbottom £0 4s 0d
  Wid. Shuttleworth Do. £0 12s 0d
  Robt. Baron Do. £0 8s 0d
  Wid. Whensly Do. £0 3s 0d
  Betty Ash– £- -s -d
  [the following entries most likely for April 1785]  
  brought forward £3 2s 0d
  John Livesey from Manchester Wife Lame £0 8s 0d
  Journey to Symonstone with Docter Hoyle Money on account of widow Giles bill £0 1s 0d
  Expences at Jonathan Calverts with Altham folks concerning Gibsons Trial £0 1s 6d
  Journey to Altham and read Heights £0 1s 0d
9th To -ow Widow Smiths 13w at 13s per £1 19s 0d
  [Next two lines missing]  
  Confermation of the Order in Court £0 1s 0d
  To my Wage 4 days at 1s per day 4s and other witnesses on the road 2s £0 6s 0d
  To expences on the road to Preston two men £0 0s 6d
  George Pilkington one Day wage £0 1s 6d
  [Torn] £0 5s 0d
  Rob. Baron this Month £0 8s 0d
  Widow Giles Pickup Bank 3 Mo. At 6 per £0 18s 0d
  Betty Shuttleworth badly £0 2s 6d
  John Green Sick family £0 6s 0d
  Wm Dawson 6 yds Linn Cloth for shurts at 10d per thred 2d and making 1s 2d £0 6s 4d
April 24th 1785 To Henry Green sick family £0 -s -d
  John Clayton 7 yds Linn Cloth for shurts at 10d per yad £0 6s -d
  Peter Whally Colnn this Month £0 8s -d
  Henry Whittacre 26 wks at 2/6 per week and Clothing as per Bill £3 14s -d
  To Joseph Dean Good bought in for him [illegible] £2 0s -d
  [Page torn – continues with:]  
  To paper for Books and Letters £0 1s -d
  Disbursed this Month £22 2s -d
May 18th By Cash Due to £- -s -d
May 18th 1785 By Balance due to Higher Town £6 13s -d
  By Sundries paid in All £- -s 2.5d
  [Most of page blank]  
  By Sundried recd. in All £102 4s 3d
  By Cash due to me from Lower Town £8 10s 0d
  Seen and Allowed by us  
  Lawrence Walmsley  
  Alexr. Mercer  
  Thos. Fielden  
  Jeffra Brogden