Roger Clayton of Great Harwood, Weaver 1798

Made 31st October 1798
To Mary his wife profits from the estate.
To Thomas, son of brother John Clayton his cottage in Lower Town
To Roger Clayton, seventh son of brother John Clayton the cottage if John Clayton dies without issue.
After the death of his wife a Nancy Sharples, ‘now living with me’ was to get two thirds of the estate.
John Ward of Houghton the remaining third, but if he died before Mary his wife the whole to Nancy Sharples.
Mentions his sisters sons:
Thomas Mercer son of Robert
Thomas Mercer son of Richard
Thomas Hindle son of Thomas
Clayton Weanman son of William
To Thomas Clayton his brother and Joseph Clayton his brother equal share of £3 bequeathed to him by his father at the decease of his mother.

Executors: Joseph Clayton and [gap in document] Witnesses: James Baron, John Mitchell, Betty Bolton

©Barbara Youds: transcribed from the original held at Lancashire Archive