John Cockshutt of Great Harwood, Yeoman 1640

Made 25th May 1640
To Mr. William Christian, his brother in law, £13 5s 8d.
To Mr John Clayton, his brother in law £13 5s 8d.
To sister Alice wife of John Clayton £5 13s 4d.
To sister Elizabeth, wife of William Christian £5 14s 4d
To Margaret Clayton, daughter of John Clayton £10
To Thomas Clayton, John Clayton, William Clayton, Bridget Clayton, Alice Clayton sons and daughter of John Clayton £5 13s 4d.
To George Christian eldest son of William Christian £10.
To James Christian and John Christian, younger sons of William Christian £6 14s 4d.
To Edmund Cockshutt , George Cockshutt, John Cockshutt and Alice Cockshutt sons and daughters of brother Edmund Cockshutt £5
To sister in law Alice Cockshutt wife of Edmund Cockshutt his brother his silver bowle
To Richard Feilden of Harwood 2s 6d and his ould browne suyt of Apparrell
To every one present at his brother Edmund’s house at the time of his death 2s
Five pounds fourteen shillings four pence for the Church stock for the use of the minister at the Church of Harwood
Brother Edmund Cockshutt and Alexander Mercer the ordering of the above
Mentions land and tenements in Cocklake [NW of Bolton by Bowland] and Hasgill in Bowland in Yorkshire, and Easington in Bowland
Mentions his late father, George Cockshutt
Mentions Thomas Cockshutt his nephew a younger son of Edmund Cockshutt his brother
Edmund Cockshutt his brother sole executor
Witnesses: Thomas Hindle, Rober Marcer, (his mark) Henrie Pres? (his mark)

Burial: 3 Jun 1640 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood – Johannes Cockshutt

©Barbara Youds: transcribed from original held at Lancashire Archive.