Robert Hesketh Esquire of Martholme 1654

The National Archives
Catalogue Reference: Prob/11/247

Made 9 September 1651
To Lucy Hesketh his wife all his personal estate.
Real estate to trustees: Edward Standish Esquire, (kinsman) Alexander Rigby Esquire, (brother) Edward Rigby Esquire – To collect profits of real estate after the death of his father.
Mentions daughter Margaret (under 21).
Mentions son Alexander (under 21)
Mentions eldest son Thomas.
Mentions his father Robert and the estate he would have come into if he had survived his father.
Leaves Martholme to his younger son Alexander.
(Thomas would be expected to inherit Rufford after the decease of his grandfather Robert Hesketh.)

Executrix: Lucy, his wife

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