Edward Mercer of Back of Bowley, Great Harwood, Calico Weaver

Will 1825
Calico Weaver
To Abraham, son of his brother Thomas Mercer the cottage at Back of Bowley.
All other property to be sold.
To Edward Mercer, son of his brother Thomas Mercer 40s and clothing.
To Mary Mercer, daughter of his brother Thomas Mercer a pair of looms and 20s.
To Roger Mercer son of his brother Thomas Mercer his looms and 20s.
Residue to be divided between seven of his brother Thomas Mercer’s children, Abraham Mercer, Sarah Mercer wife of Thomas Mercer, Thomas Mercer, Joseph Mercer, Ann Mercer, John Mercer, Helen wife of William Chalmer equally.
Executors: James Swain of Great Harwood and Abraham Mercer of Great Harwood.
Witnesses: James Dean, Robert Clayton, George Altham.
Probate granted 12th May 1825
Value under £100.

Burial: 5 Dec 1824 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood – Edward Mercer 67 Back of Boley

Transcription ©Barbara Youds from original held at Lancashire Archives