William Mercer of Harwood, Yeoman

Will 29 of September 1613.
Mentions: Elizabeth his wife (deceased) Brother Thomas Mercer, children, John, Thomas Christopher Edward, Grace and Jenet Mercer. Wife of Roger Feildene. Robert son of Roger Feildene.
Executors: Roger Feildene and Thomas Mercer his son.
Witnesses: Lanslet Maser, William Maser his son.

Inventory 30 October 1613
Appraisers: Richard Mercer, Christopher Mercer and Thomas Mercer
Mentioned in the inventory: John Mercer, Roger Feilden, Robert Fletcher, Lancelott Mercer, William Duckworth, James Browne, Richard Mercer, Thomas Holker, Grace Mercer, Richard Ingham, ux Robert Law, John Dugdall, John Smyth, Christopher Feilden and ux Radi. Guest
Inventory total £256 2s 2d

William Mercer was buried at Great Harwood on the 10th of October 1613. His wife was buried there on the 29th of September, 1613, which was the day he made his will.

This is the Mercer family of Cowden.

Transcription ©Barbara Youds from original held at Lancashire Archives