Richard Walmesley of Great Harwood, Yeoman

Will 30 September 1756
To Thomas Taylor his nephew the remainder of his lease in Great Harwood.
To his sister Grace Taylor, wife of Jeffray Taylor £4 yearly
To his sister Alice Cottam, wife of Thomas Cottam, £4 yearly
To nephew John Fletcher £2 yearly
To the poor of Great Harwood £10 to be put out at interest
Residue to John Taylor, Richard Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Taylor, James Taylor, Richard Fletcher, John Fletcher, Mary Fletcher, Ann Cottam, Alice Cottam, James Cottam and Henry Cottam.
Executors: Thomas Taylor and Thomas Mercer
Witnesses: Jane Marcer, Richard Marcer and William Aspden
Richard made his mark.
Probate granted 15 May 1759

Burial: 11 Mar 1759 St Bartholomew, Great Harwood – Richard Walmsley, Tanhouse

Transcription ©Barbara Youds from original held at Lancashire Archives