Poor Book Journal
From your very humble servant
Nath. Needy
Disbursed upon the POOR and on their Acct by me William Aspden Overseer of the Higher Town of Great Harwood for the year of our Lord 1759.
The Higher Town in arrears to me for the year 58 £2 1s 4d
To a Bond of Bastardy for William Smalley of £0 4s 0d
To a mesinger takeing the bond to Manchester and getting the prisoner Smalley discharged out of the House of Correction £0 0s 6d
To expenses with the Overseer of Salmesbury about Richd Clough £0 0s 8d
To James Fielden for going to Salmesbury £0 0s 6d
To Thos Close Overseer of the poor of the parish of Grinton for Elizabeth Whalley Burial £0 18s 10d
Horse expenses and my own in going to Grinton £0 5s 0d
To Horse Hire 4s my wagon 3d £0 7s 0d
To James Raw for half a years keep for Mary Whalley £0 10s 0d
To paid in part for her shifts £0 2s 0d
To Jane Anderton and Margt. Giles House Rent £1 1s 0d
To Mr Nowell for Widow Morrise house Do. £0 16s 0d
10th To Peter Whalley of Coln House Do. £0 10s 8d
To Peter Whalley wife and son their dinner £0 0s 4d
15th To John Calvert when his son Daniels children was in a faviour £0 3s 0d
25th To John Leeming daughter coffin £0 2s 9d
To Mr Smalley for Timothy Grimshaw son schooling £0 1s 9d
To Hindle lass at William Emot £0 3s 0d
Total £5 7s 0d
JUNE 3 1759
To Hindle Lass with William Emot £0 3s 0d
To Widow Morris £0 4s 0d
To John Briears £0 6s 6d
To John Haworth £0 6s 0d
To Thomas Smalley Nurse Child £0 5s 0d
20th To Thos. Brewer for 3yds of blue plain for Henry Bradshaw children £0 4s 6d
Total £1 9s 0d
JULY 1st
A Wheel for Widow Anderton £0 2s 0d
To Widow Moriss £0 3s 0d
To John Briears £0 6s 6d
To John Haworth £0 6s 0d
To Thos Smalley child out at Nurse £0 5s 0d
To Hindle lass with Emet £0 3s 0d
To Widow Anderton £0 4s 0d
9th To 2 1/2 yds of cloth for Rubin Barret at 11d yd thread 1/2 £0 2s 4d
To a pair of clogs for Do £0 0s 10d
To Mr Sale for curing John Briears legg by bill & keep £1 5s 4d
13th To a Bill of charges touching Richd Etough’s settlement £2 17s 3d
Total £5 17s 3d
To John Briears £0 6s 6d
To a pair of breeches for John Haworth £0 2s 0d
20th To Thos Aspden in part with Martha Hindle apprentice £1 0s 0d
To indenture and signing £0 5s 6d
To 2 1/2 yds of shift for Martha Hindle a skirt £0 2s 6d
To 1 1/2 of cloth for a shift for Hindle lass at 12d per yard £0 1s 6d
To spent at Bargaining and Binding £0 0s 6d
To Widow Lund now of Rimmington £0 3s 0d
Total £2 1s 6d
To Widow Lund of Ridge £0 2s 0d
To William Wilkinson being the remainder of the Consideration money which was to be paid with Thos Barret £3 15s 0d
To 2 letters from William Smalley of Manchester £0 0s 2d
To 2 Do going to my Correspondent John Mercer £0 0s 2d
To expended at William Hindles concering B Wenslee Housekeeper £0 0s 2d
To a letter from Crackpott £0 0s 6d
To Joseph Pontiffract with Rubin Barret £0 4s 0d
Total £4 2s 0d
OCTOBER 7th 1759
To Thomas Smalley child board £0 5s 0d
To John Briears £0 6s 6d
To Jane Anderton £0 4s 0d
To Widow Morrisa £0 3s 0d
To John Haworth £0 6s 0d
To Joseph Pontifract with Rubin Barret £0 4s 0d
A pair of stockings for do £0 0s 7d
To John Cunliffe for 5 yds of cloth for John Haworth @1d 11p 4d 1d £0 4s 8d
20th To Bartan Bastard badly £0 2s 6d
Total £1 16s 3d
NOVEMBER 4th 1759
To Mr Wm Storey of Whalley officer of Excise £3 4d To be paid To Richard Hacker of Muker as a portion with Mary Whalley of Whiteside in Swaledale Expended at the match making 3 £3 7s 0d
To Lund Widow by Geo Jackson from Clitheroe Fair £0 2s 0d
To a pair of breeches for John Briears pd Carter £0 4s 0d
To 2yds of Freize for John Haworth a wastecoat at 2s 2d per yard £0 4s 7d
2nd To Bartan or Giles Still badly £0 2s 6d
8th To Bartan Giles badly £0 1s 0d
12th To Do badly £0 2s 0d
To Rubin Barret shurts washing £0 0s 4d
To Rewbin Barret £0 4s 0d
Total £4 7s 0d
DECEMBER 2nd 1759
To paid with a Note publishing to sell a pair of looms £0 0s 2d
To Giles lad £0 2s 0d
To writing a Certificate for William Smalley £0 0s 6d
To John Briears £0 6s 6d
To Widow Morris £0 3s 0d
To paid with Cottom from and to Manchester about Smalley £0 5s 0d
To Thos Smalley child £0 5s 0d
To Jane Anderton £0 4s 0d
To Ruben Barret £0 4s 0d
To John Haworth £0 6s 0d
To Margt Giles £0 2s 0d
23rd To Mary Lund by Ridge £0 2s 2d
To Daniel Calvert childs coffin £0 1s 6d
To Church dues £0 2s 4d
25th To paid for his certificate from Muker and the Parish Church of Grinton which certified the Marriage of Richd. Hackin and Mary Whalley. £0 0s 10d
Total £2 0s 2d
JANUARY 6th 1760
To Thos Smalley child £0 5s 0d
To Rubin Barret £0 4s 0d
To John Briears £0 6s 6d
To Widow Morris £0 3s 0d
To Mary Lund by Constable of Downham £0 2s 0d
23rd To paid Mr Blackmore for a command fetched by Thos Rishton £0 1s 0d
To Thos Rishton by the order of Mr Blackmore £0 1s 0d
To expenses in going with Thos Rishton before Mr Blackmore £0 1s 0d
24th To Margaret Giles being badly £0 ?s ?d
Total £1 4s ?d
To Thomas Smalley Nurse child £0 5s 0d
6th To Widow Lund by Jack Ridge 2s to his charges for the notice of her death 1s £0 3s 0d
To Widow Morris £0 3s 0d
To John Briers £0 6s 6d
To Rubin Barret £0 4s 0d
To 2 yds of Frize for Rubin Barret clothes pd Mr Boultan £0 3s 0d
To pd old Joseph Pomfrett for cloth making a pair of new breeches and a pair of clogs cloging £0 2s 6d
Isyible Robertshaw £0 4s 0d
Thos Rishton £0 0s 6d
7th To paid John Wiggen for a Daffys Bottle for Thos. Rishton £0 1s 3d
8th To Diners for two persons from Manchester who came to ask a Certificate one of them said she was wife to one John Livesey now a solider and he was an apprentice to John Livesay of Royal Hey. £0 0s 8d
To given them for expences £0 0s 8d
10th To Barton Giles lad £0 1s 0d
12th To Mr Sale Appothocary for Barton Giles by bill and receipt £0 7s 10d
To paid for sess book being allowed £0 2s 0d
Total £2 4s 11d
MARCH 2d 1760
To John Briers £0 6s 6d
To Rubin Barret £0 4s 0d
To Margt Giles £0 2s 0d
To Thos Smalley child £0 5s 0d
To Widow Morris £0 3s 0d
To Thos Rishton £0 2s 6d
To Henry Smalley for clogging John Briears uper Leathers £0 0s 6d
To John Cunliff for shirts for John Briears 5 yds at 11d 1/2 per yard £0 4s 9 1/2d
17th To Isable Robertshaw Meat one day and lodging £0 0s 6d
18th To Lawr Walmsley for cartin Isable Robertshaw goods £0 0s 6d
20th To paid Mr Smith for looking register for the age of Wm. Bradshaw £0 0s 2d
22nd To a bottle of Eatons Styptick for James Rishton £0 1s 6d
To paid Grace Dobson for old Isable Robertshaw £0 0s 6d
To Assignmt. Writing and ??? of Thos Rishtons Cottage being assigned to the Town for the —–sion. £0 6s 0d
Total £1 17s 5 1/2d
APRIL 6th 1760
To Rewbin Barret £0 4s 0d
To John Briears £0 6s 6d
To Margt Giles £0 2s 0d
To Widow Morris £0 3s 0d
To old Mr Smalley at four several times October Novem. 1759 Feb Mar 1760 £0 8s 0d
To Isable Robertshaw for March at Wm Emets 2s 6d for this Month 5s £0 7s 6d
To Thomas Smalley child £0 5s 0d
To pd Wm Emet for flitting Isable Robertshaw £0 0s 6d
27th To a note publishing to Acct. to Do to let Rishtons Cottage £0 0s 4d
£1 16s 10d
Disburst upon the Constable Accs the year 1759
By Wm Aspden Constable
17th May 1759 To — Instructions to assess the Land Tax 2s door 1d £0 2s 1d
To Assessing the land tax £0 3s 6d
26th June 1759 To 2/3 of a Precept in all £8 8s 6d £5 12s 4d
21st Aug 1759 To a whole Do 4s/7d Return for the Assize 2s/2d £0 6s 9d
18th Sept 1759 To a Sunday warrant 2s Jurors Return 1s £0 3s 0d
9th Octber 1759 To Mr Bleasdle for moving the court for further time to repair the Road indited £0 5s 0d
14th Octber 1759 To paid 2 passingers £0 0s 6d
16th Jany 1760 To paid for surveyors Instructions and Vagrant Warrt. £0 6s 1d
18th Jan 1760 To John Hoyle for lodging a pasinger and meat £0 0s 8d
13th March 1760 To pd 2/3 of a precept in all 14s 8 1/2d £0 9s 10d
15th April 1760 To Overseer warrant 2s/6d door 1d £0 2s 7d
15th April 1760 To paid the Under Sheriff for his advise £0 3s 6d
15th April 1760 To expenses in attending all sessions Public and Private this year £0 5s 0d
15th April 1760 To Paper £0 1s 0d
£8 1s 10d
30 April 1760 An Abstract of Every Months Payments
Due to me Wm Aspden the last year in arrear £2 1s 4d
May £5 7s 0d
June £1 9s 0d
July £5 17s 3d
Augst £2 1s 6d
Septr £4 12s 0d
Octr £1 15s 9d
Novr £4 7s 5d
Decbr £2 0s 2d
Janry £1 4s 0d
Feby £2 4s 11d
March £1 17s 5 1/2d
April £1 16s 10d
Disbursed upon the poor £36 2s 7 1/2d
Laid out in the Highways £7 19s 7d
To Do upon the upon the Constable Acc £8 1s 10d
To short cash £0 1s 8d
£52 5s 8 1/2d
To paid at making up acc £0 3s 4d
To my wages 4:10:0 £4 10s 0d
Disburst £36 19s 1/2d
Rec’d in all £57 15s 1d
Due to town £0 16s 1 1/2d
By —– —–
By 15 lays at £3:s16:d4 pd £57 5s 0d
By cash from lower Town Constable £0 5s 2d
By Do from Do overlooker £0 4s 11d
£57 15s 1d
Seen and allowed by us
This 30th Day of April 1760
? Mercer
John Hind(le)?
Wm Mercer
Roger Feilden
John Cunliffe G Fowler
William Hindle Thos Mercer