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For a small town Great Harwood has, over the years, been the subject of many studies and publications; it is some time since a book of photos of the town in past times was published though, and copies of these books are now hard to obtain. Which is why, for Great Harwood Charter Fair 2018, it was decided it was time for another photo book of the town.

In 23 cm by 18 cm format, text and historical information have been kept to a minimum in order to give the best possible space for over 120 images in 86 pages.

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William (Bill) Edward Mercer spent most of his early life in Great Harwood but in these memoirs he tells of being passed from one grandparent, and town, to another after his mother died when he was just three years old. At the outbreak of the First World War he couldn’t wait to enlist and, in the spirit of the time, he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps at only 17. He recalls his experiences on the battle fields of Gallipoli and Mesopotamia and reflects that his convalescence in India was, in many ways, a blessing.
Returning home after the war Bill, like many of his contemporaries, found it hard to settle back into his old life so, after marrying Eda, emigrated to Australia where they faced the challenges of raising a family during the 1930s Depression with true Lanky grit and determination.

William is a likeable, affable character who has a natural way of storytelling. We are sure you will be as captivated by his story, as we were.

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A Brief History of Queen Street produced for the Charter Fair held in Queen Street as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Using previously unpublished maps from as early as 1603 and forgotten views from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the book charts the development of Queen Street from its origin as a track through the township’s open fields to becoming Great Harwood’s main shopping area. It has information about the occupants of farmsteads which thrived before the modern streetscape existed and evidence of cotton mills long before steam power came to the town.

Privies, Piggeries and Parades may be a brief history of Queen Street but, drawing on years of research, it is packed with detail.

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The memories of three people who grew up in Great Harwood in the early part of the 20th century. They have been transcribed from the original writings and enhanced by the addition of photographs.

Alan Sourbutts, Marjorie Goodliffe and John Fielding all moved away from the area but they never forgot their roots. Together they paint pictures of their childhood days and remind us of how ‘arrod once was. They tell of the evolution of the town, the decline of its cotton heyday, the pastimes, childhood games and yearly events that they remembered from all those years ago. It is a real walk down memory lane for your gran and granddad or a peep into the past for the younger generation through the eyes of those who lived at the time.

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Taken in the late 1920s – early 1930s this is a photograph of outstanding clarity and detail. Centered on the Mercer Memorial Clock it shows how the mills were at the very heart of the town. From an original glass negative, approx 5 x 4 inches, this is an old fashioned, non-standard sized photograph.

We suggest a borderless print of 12.5 X 10 inches would be suitable for most people but larger copies are stunning. Reproduced to the highest quality by specialist printers on heavyweight, professional, semi-gloss paper of 250gsm using pro inks with an independently verified light-fastness (resistance to fade) of up to 200 years. Lustre or even fine art prints may be produced by arrangement.

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