John Heyes of Bell-mount in Great Harwood Farmer 1798

Lancashire Archivess
WCW/1798/Heyes, John

Will 17 February 1798.
Mentions: Joanna Heyes his wife, David Heyes his son, Alice Heyes his daughter, Mary Smith his daughter wife of Alexander Smith,
Ann Taylor his daughter wife of Jeffray Taylor and grandsons John Smith and John Taylor.
Cottages in the old hold of Accrington and at Snig Brook in Blackburn are bequeathed to son David.
Townly Kenyon mentioned as a tenant.
Executors: David Heyes his son, John Rothwell of the old Hold of Accrington and Hugh Lonsdall of Church.
Witnessed by James Baron, William Fielden and Matthias Aspden.

17 May 1798 John Heays age 61 of Great Harwood buried at St James, Altham

Cotton manufacturer David Taylor, son of Jeffray Taylor and Ann lived at Bellmount until his death in 1890.

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