Thomas Mercer of Lower Fold, Great Harwood

Will 1675
Thomas Hesketh of Rufford, presumably in connection with the lease of Lower Fold.
Wife Bridget and his father in law Thomas Halsall, the latter to be provided with meat and drink.
Son William ‘to have and to hold’ – presumably Lower Fold.
Elline Coubourne, daughter £7 10s
Elizabeth Mercer, daughter
Henrie Mercer, son
Grace Mercer, daughter – under 21
Richard Mercer, son – under 21
Mentions his tenement ‘Duckworths tenement’
Executor: William his son.
Witnesses Thoms Shey (mark)
John Feilden (signed)
Thomas made his mark

Inventory total £52 14s 6d

Very fragile and poor condition with much of the preamble and beginning of the document missing, obscured and faint.

22 September 1675 Thomas Mercer of the Upper Town buried at St. Bartholomew’s, Great Harwood.

Transcription ©Barbara Youds from original held at Lancashire Archives